Fri & Sat 13th / 14th July 2018

Held @ The Rugby Ground
Chipping Sodbury, Bristol

Planet Boogie - 6:30pm - 8:30pm

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The band have a huge range of influences, ranging from Stereophonics, The Dandy Warholes, The Clash, The Who, Radiohead, The Kinks, The Killers, The Beatles, The Jam, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol, U2, Oasis, Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World, David Bowie, Black Crowes, 4Non Blondes, Simple Minds, Jet, Primal Scream, The Fratellis, Beastie Boys, Kings of Leon, Kim Wilde (yes really!), and Blink 182. Phew!

Rooted are: Mark Stokes - drums / vox, Lee Adlam - Bass / vox, Si Taylor - Guitar / vox and Matt Fowles - Lead Guitar.

Check out their Facebook Page for more information.

While they were there all they had were hot dogs to eat, 1950's sci-fi movies to watch and a radio to listen to.

​Having become adept at playing the music they heard and loved on that radio (especially during the 1970's) they finally decided it was safe to emerge early in 2007.

Calling themselves The Atomic Rays they hit the Bristol pub scene like an invasion from Mars. Playing the likes of Bowie, Purple, The Who, The Tubes, Bolan and The Stones with flamboyance, energy and the kind of theatre that only exposure to too many monster movies can inspire. 

Lights, smoke, movies, monsters and in yer face Rock n' Roll. Oh, and a bit of jumping about. Atomic Rays are the metalunic Ray D8 on vocals, the monstrous Ray Gunn on bass, the mysterious Ray "Sir" Roof on keyboards and the atomically powered Ray Dar on drums. 

Will someone please call The National Guard? It's The Astonishing Atomic Rays! They're atomic. And they're all called Ray...

Visit their web site at

The Saturday leg of our 23rd Beer and Music festival features five different acts and a wide variety of music styles.

Over the course of 11 hours, our bands will be blasting out modern and classic rock, country, pop, relaxing reggae and much, much more.

A number of acts have returned to the event after a break of a few years, while others are performing at The Festival for the very first time.

Friday July 13th 2018

Doors Open: 6:00 pm 


The Engine Room
6:30 pm - 8:30pm

Pop and rock from a fab 4-piece outfit


Racing Mars

​9:00pm - 11:00pm

Two sets of rock and classic rock covers

The Atomic Rays
9:00pm - 11:00pm

Energetic and theatrical Pub Rock

The band's classic list of artists covered include Michael Jackson, Chic, Sister Sledge, Earth Wind and Fire, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and many more. Planet Boogie regularly cover tracks such as Le Freak, We Are Family, Uptown Funk, Can't Stop the Feeling and more besides.

We're certain that Planet Boogie will get you up on your feet dancing!

Check the band out over on their Facebook Page, or have a listen to them over on YouTube.

The Axxeman - Noon - 2:00pm

We kick off Saturday evening's entertainment with two sets from the one and only Planet Boogie!

Describing themselves as the out of this world Party Band, they promise to get the Saturday night underway with classic Disco, Pop and Funk favourites.

The band comprises of:

Lorna on lead vocals - Lorna has been singing for many years, with most of her experience in choral work and musical theatre, recently achieving a grade 8 distinction.

Lorna has fond memories of growing up with reggae music, which is evident in her passionate and soulful delivery.

Ben on keyboards - After working as a rehearsal pianist for various ballet schools in London, Ben currently works as a pianist and Musical Director for theatre productions and has performed at the Bristol Old Vic, the Tobacco Factory and the Bristol Hippodrome. 
He is also a singing and piano teacher.

Chris on drums - A recent addition to the line-up. Chris brings with him a wealth of experience, playing drums for many years with a number of bands.
His solid and sweet rhythms, along with some inspirational cymbal work, provide the heartbeat of the band.

Rick on guitar - Rick has over 40 years experience of playing live with a number of bands across a wide range of styles, although reggae is his clear favourite. 
Rick's bluesy chords and riffs, with the occasional country influence, provide wonderful rhythm and texture to the band's sound.

John on bass - John is the founding member of the band and has been playing bass for many years with a number of bands in and around the Bristol area.
John's simple but solid basslines provide a good platform for the other musicians, generating a traditional reggae sound with a unique and spacious quality.       

Have a listen to the band in action by checking out their excellent web site at:

The Atomic Rays - 9:00pm - 11:00pm

The Saturday night headline band for our 23rd South Cotswold Beer and Music Festival are the one and only Atomic Rays.

We last had this five-piece band perform at the event back in 2015, so we thought it was about time we invited them back to entertain you all.

So. Who are the Atomic Rays?

In the early years of the Cold War five guys named Ray decided it was best to stay hidden in a fallout shelter until the Russkies gave up. 

Rooted - 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Band Timings

Hymns every day before classes started. 

"However, playing the descant recorder becomes boring after a while and, although I had graduated to the treble and bass versions, it was still, after all, a recorder.  One note at a time or monophonic.  So imagine my delight when, on my 8th birthday, a guitar appeared!

It was a third hand acoustic that my mother paid the princely sum of £2 for, (I think, with hindsight, she was ‘had’).  The strings were so far above the fingerboard that you would have been better off doing archery with it rather than music.  But it was a guitar all the same, and I loved it."

At the age of 15 Greg joined a local group called the Road Runners who were looking for a lead guitarist. The band was already playing regular bookings in social clubs and it was an ideal opportunity to gain some experience of the club scene, and make some much needed money.

"About 8 years on, I had tired of the endless circuit.  I didn’t have a steady job like the others, and I was becoming increasingly frustrated by their lack of ambition.  The gig money had increased, but it was nowhere near enough to live on.  We needed much better money – or less personnel.  A chance meeting was to prove pivotal in my next step on this musical odyssey…

I was in a local club on a Sunday evening, playing snooker, when a guy turned up and started setting up some gear on his own.  I was intrigued.  What on earth was this solo guy going to do?  He had a guitar, a drum machine, (that was turned on and off by footswitches), and an organ foot operated bass pedal unit.  Off he went, banging out pop hits one after the other.  My initial scepticism soon subsided when I heard the reaction he was getting and, best of all, he was going to keep all the money.  That was my true eureka moment.  I knew exactly what I needed to do and set about getting a similar act together.

That was over 25 years ago and I have been a full time professional ever since.  Equipment has improved considerably over the years and, I’d like to think, so have I.  I’ve had some fun along the way.  Worked with a few ‘names’; Stan Boardman (the Geermans), Jimmy Cricket, Joe Longthorne (best singing impressionist I have EVER heard), Bootleg Beatles, Bootleg Buddy etc.  The list goes on and on."

​You can read Greg's bio in full over on his web site at

The Saturday afternoon of our Beer and Music Festival draws to a foot-stomping climax courtesy of rock 'n' roll covers band Rooted!

Entertainment - Saturday

Music first touched Greg's life at the tender age of 6, in the form of the humble recorder.  A classmate was cleaning hers with a fluffy pipe cleaner, and he decided to ‘grab it and have a blow’.  Ignoring her loud protestations, he carried on making a horrible din for 30 seconds or so before being relieved of it by a very irate Infant School teacher.  Too late; he was hooked…

He quickly mastered the basics and in no time was sat with the girls, in morning assembly, playing the

The Love Reggae Band are a 5-piece Reggae covers band from our very own Bristol.

Formed back in May 2014, the group are already making quite a name for themselves, having played at numerous pubs across the area as well as The Newt Beer Festival, and the legendary Tunnels.

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Rock 'n' Roll Party Tunes!


Planet Boogie
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Classic Disco, Pop and Funk

Saturday 14th July 2018

The Love Reggae Band - 2:30pm - 4:30pm

A 2-day Festival Featuring Over 100 Real Ales and Ciders,
​Seven Live Bands and Home-Cooked Food

Saturday July 14th 2018

Doors Open: 12 noon 


The Axxeman
12 noon - 2:00pm

Rock, Pop, Country and a pinch of modern


The Love Reggae Band

2:30pm - 4:30pm

An afternoon of classic reggae and soul