Yate Rotary Club's South Cotswold

Beer and Music Festival

Our 2020 Beer and Music Festival has Been Cancelled

We are very sorry to have to announce that our 2020 (and what would have been our 25th) Beer and Music Festival - 10 & 11 July - is cancelled due to the alarming progress of the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak.

It is now clear that such a large public event cannot be staged this summer, so we are looking forward to July 2021 when we hope to be celebrating a TRULY MAGNIFICENT 25TH ANNIVERSAY FESTIVAL!

Thank you for your interest in our event. Your generosity continues to go towards all the charities which Yate Rotary Club supports.

Watch this site, as well as Facebook and Twitter, and details for 2021 will appear as soon as they become available! Stay safe!

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